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Inspired by a thread on rpg.net, I decided to join in the fun. Maybe I'll get around to linking to some of the other blogs too at some point.Here's a guy named Christian's blog. It looks pretty good.

Flashing Blades

Create-a-characterPosted by Marius 02 Aug, 2009 18:09:20

Flashing Blades is a swashbuckling RPG set in 17th century France. It was published by FGU in the 80's and is actually still available along with all of its supplements. It's an excellent game and the supplements are great too.

It's pretty unusual for an FGU RPG in that it's actually pretty simple and easy to play.

Anyway, the first step in creating a character for Flashing Blades is to roll 3D6 in order for each of my character's six stats: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Wit, Charm and Luck. I get 17, 9, 11, 5, 11 and 13 - a musclebound oaf.

Next, I determine height and build. I get to choose one and roll for the other. I choose to be Stocky and roll for height - an 8 results in average height. Being stocky and of average height results in a +1 to Endurance for a total of 12.

I'm allowed to move points from one attribute to another on a 2:1 basis and decide I might as well max out his Strength all the way to 18 by reducing his Charm to a meagre 9.

So my final attributes are:

Strength 18, Dexterity 9, Endurance 12, Wit 5, Charm 9, Luck 13

I decide right now to name him Hercule.

I need to determine Hercule's Hit Points next. HP start at 10 modified by attributes and build. Being stocky gives +1. Hercule's impressive Strength gives him another +2 and his Endurance gives him +2 more for a mighty sum of 15.

I also have to determine Hercule's Encumbrance Value. Like HP, it starts at 10 and is modified by build and attributes. Again, stocky gives +1. Strength 18 gives +4 and Endurance 12 gives +1 for a final total of 16.

Next, I must select Hercule's background. I get to choose between Rogue, Gentleman, Soldier and Nobleman and choose Nobleman without a second's hesitation. Each background has a list of background and bonus skills. Bonus skills cost 1 skill point to learn, background skills 2 points and all others cost 3.

The number of skill points I get to spend is determined much like HP and EV above but unlike HP and EV, the stats affecting Hercule's skill points are not his good stats. He starts with 10 which is reduced by 2 for his poor Wit and his Luck isn't high enough to compensate. So 8 it is.

It's worth noting that none of the skills are combat skills - those are determined separately at a later stage thereby guaranteeing that every PC will have a selection of non-combat abilities and be able to hold his own in a fight.

Anyway, for Hercule I select Etiquette and Horsemanship (both bonus skills) and add Captaincy, Gambling and Magistracy and I'm done.

Next comes Martial Training - this is where we determine how and how well Hercule fights.

I choose for Hercule to be a member of a Fraternity which allows him to select two Dueling Styles. I choose French Style (Naturellement!) and Old Style which is a style that relies on heavy chopping weapons that can tak advantage of Hercule's mighty muscles. In addition, he gets a +1 to Expertise with one specific weapon which I choose should be the two-handed sword - in many ways not a very good weapon in FB but it does dish out horrifying amounts of damage.

His Expertise with thee Two-Handed Swod start out at 8 with the above mentioned +1 and his modifiers from Strength and Wit cancel each other out, so 9 it is.

Expertise with all other weapons he's trained with starts at 10.

This is what Hercule rolls agains on a d20 when attacking, so he could use some experience.

I can also select an Advantage and a Secret to give Hercule some more color which, of course, I do.

I choose Title for his Advantage, roll a d20 and learn that Hercule is a Viscount.

For his Secret, I choose Sworn Vengeance - Hercule holds a deadly grudge against his cousin Nessus who has repeatedly accused him of being a fool and a buffoon.

Next, I roll 1d6 for Hercule's yearly allowance and get a 6 - 500 Livres! And he gets another 250L for being a Viscount for a total of 750L.

I get one year's allowance with which to buy equipment for Hercule and buy:

a Two-Handed Sword and Scabbard (32L)

Longsword and Scabbard (30L)

Main Gauche (16L)

Riding Horse w. Gear (172L)

Hand Cannon, Powder Horn, 20 shots and Powder (123L)

Fine Dress (24L)

Padded Doublet (18L)

Boots (5L)

And that's it - Hercule De La Fouchardier is ready to serve France!

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