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Inspired by a thread on rpg.net, I decided to join in the fun. Maybe I'll get around to linking to some of the other blogs too at some point.Here's a guy named Christian's blog. It looks pretty good.


Create-a-characterPosted by Marius 02 Aug, 2009 12:37:58

Okay, I'm finally going to start on the great create-a-character-for-every-RPG-I-own project. I'm going to start by laying down a few ground rules that I may or may not adhere to as the mood strikes me.

On what constitutes an ”RPG” for these purposes: If it has its own corebook and doesn't require the corebook from another RPG to use, I'll consider it an RPG. Otherwise, it's a supplement. So for these purposes, BESMd20 and Damnation Decade, for example, are supplements and I'll only make a character for them if I feel like using them when making a character for the system they're based on. I'll make an exception for the nWoD games, though, for no particular reason. I'll also not consider different editions of the same game to be separate games unless I feel they're different enough that they really are separate games. So I'll try to make both an OD&D character, a D&D 3.x character and a D&D4E character but I won't make both a Shadowrun 2e and a Shadowrun 3e character. I would make a Shadowrun 4e character but I sold the book because I thought it was such a piece of crap, so I won't.

On what rules and house rules to use: I'll use whatever supplements I have around that I feel like using. As for house rules, I'll generally create each character with whatever rules I'd use if I were having someone else make a character for the game in question. I'll try to note when this deviates from the rules printed in the game and why I'm choosing not to follow them. If I'm feeling particularly chatty, I may even elaborate further than ”because the printed rules suck”.

With all that out of the way, on to my Trinity character!

Trinity is an excellent sci-fi game from White Wolf. It had some mechanical issues (being a WW game) but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a few minutes of consideration and some cussing. The character creation rules were OK, though. All in all, it's my considered opinion that it's the best game WW ever published.

I'll be using the core book only and leave the Player's Guide on the shelf since I don't think it adds anything but unneeded complexity.

First of all, I need to decide what kind of character I want my guy to be. I decide it would be fun to have him be someone ordinary and unglamorous who found his latent psychic powers and got thrown into all the whole mess semi-reluctantly. Let's say a postman. I'll name him Nicholai ”Nick” Jackson.

For his Aptitude, Nature and Allegiance, I choose Electrokinesis, Survivor and Æon Trinity respectively.

Incidentally, I thought Nature and Willpower were the most brilliant bit in WW's games and wish they'd kept Nature instead of dropping it in favor of Motivation in Exalted 2e and the boring Virtue/Vice in the nWoD games.

Next is Attributes. I imagine Nick being a somewhat cynical, gloomy kind of guy with fairly modest social skills. He's also probably got great Stamina from his physically oriented former vocation. So I'll make Physical primary and give him Str ***, Dex *** and Sta ****. Mental is secondary and he gets Per ***, Int ** and Wits ***. Finally, his Social Attributes: he gets App **, Man * and Cha ***.

For Abilities, I need to spend 10 points on Æon-based abilities. Given Nick's largely physical focus, I'll choose Academics *, Investigation *, Firearms ***, Resistance ** and Melee ***

With the remaining 13 points I buy Athletics ***, Drive **, Stealth **, Endurance *, Awareness ***, Intrusion **

I need to buy seven dots worth of Backgrounds, another of my favorite bits from WW games sadly absent from the nWoD games. I spend three points right off the bat on giving him Devices *** to get an improved version of the Wingpack from the tech manual since it's such an awesome item. I decide he has it because he needed it for an earlier mission and, as it was fitted for him, he might as well hold onto it. I also give him Resources *** (he's scraped a bit of money together working for Æon) and Status *.

For Modes, I just toss all three dots into Photokinesis (giving him Control Illumination, Spectrum Sight and Electromagnetic Shield).

I'll be a naughty buy and skip the Finishing Touches until I've spent my 15 Bonus Points. I'll spend 5 on increasing Dex to ****. I'll put another 8 into buying a dot in each of Electromanipulation and Technokinesis and spend the last 2 on an extra dot of Willpower.

Applying the Finishing Touches now, I get the following results:

Willpower ***** *

Psi *****

Initiative +7

Move: Walk 5m, Run 16m, Sprint: 32m

I'll also buy him a bio laser gauntlet and a few other bits and bobs but I don't feel like going into detail with this so I won't. Also, I can't find the spot in the book where it tells me what the benefits of attuning with bio-tech weapons are, although I'm sure I've read it at some point. Any help?

Anyway, here's the final character:

Nicholai Jackson

Origin: Postman, Nature: Survivor, Allegiance: Æon Trinity

Str ***, Dex **** and Sta ****.

Per ***, Int ** and Wits ***

App **, Man * and Cha ***.

Academics *, Investigation *, Firearms ***, Resistance ** and Melee ***, Athletics ***, Drive **, Stealth **, Endurance *, Awareness ***, Intrusion **

Devices *** (high-capacity wingpack)

Resources ***

Status *

Photokinesis ***(Control Illumination, Spectrum Sight, Electromagnetic Shield)

Electromanipulation * (Stun)

Technokinesis * (Power Surge)

Willpower ***** *

Psi *****

Initiative +7

Move: Walk 5m, Run 16m, Sprint: 32m


Superior wingpack, Laser Gauntlet, Probably a vehicle of some sort or another

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